MS Sedco

MS Sedco
About MS Sedco

MS Sedco switches are an extremely good value when compared with brand names switches, which are typically double the price.

These wall switches are compatible with any brand of door operator that is hard-wired.

Radio-controlled versions are also available from the factory.  These require the use of a receiver from MS Sedco, that installs at the door near the door operator.

About Door Operators

It is common today for door operators to come with sophisticated circuitry built into the unit.  Although sophisticated they are relatively simple to setup and wire.

Doors that lock (or latch) present a problem however.  If the latch is not retracted the door operator will try to open a latched door.  This can burn out the motor.

A 2-step process is required. Fortunately, the operator’s circuitry can handle this 2-step process.  Step One is to retract the latch.  Step Two is to open the door.

When you first wire your operator’s system ensure the 2-step process is functioning well.  Replacing a burnt out motor will cost you nearly as much as an entirely new door operator.