119 Intermediate Pivot

119 Intermediate Pivot


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119 Intermediate Pivot
Use with Offset Pivot Sets

Offset Hung Pivots Notes
The pivot point is offset from the edge of the door by 3/4”.
This allows the door to swing out and around any door trim, much like when butt hinges are used.
When the door trim is especially thick you may special order pivots that are offset by 1-1/2” to provide extra clearance. Using the larger offset does place more stress on the pivot point so intermediate pivots are often used to help keep the door aligned.

Intermediate Pivots
Pivot sets ship with a top and bottom pivot in a set. In most applications, a 3rd pivot is placed between them called an intermediate pivot. The intermediate bears no weight and is designed to keep the door aligned to prevent warping. A standard door height of 7′ typically takes one intermediate and more intermediates are added for each additional 2′ of door height.
Note that intermediates are only available for offset hung models. Center hung models have no intermediates available.

Model Numbers
Rixson model numbers make no sense. Don’t try to figure them out.
For example, model 117 is an offset pivot who’s offset is 3/4”, but model 117-3/4 is not offset at all. It is a center hung model. So when you see ”3/4” within a model number don’t think it has any significance.
Rixson manufacturers high quality products that last a long time. They just were asleep at the wheel when it came time to assign model numbers to them.

General Pivot Notes
Pivot sets provide the best possible means of hanging a door. They are designed to work with the laws of physics to provide long-lasting performance and reliability.
The weight of the door is supported entirely by the bottom arm, which is directly connected to the pivot spindle. This hanging means provides several important advantages:
• Fasteners on the door and frame are in shear rather than tension (as with hinges) and are less likely to pull out overtime. This creates less stress on the frame assembly, prevents door sagging and allows the door to swing with less resistance from friction.
• A door supported in this manner relies on the strength of the floor to carry the weight, not the frame. This allows extremely heavy doors to be hung in an opening and allows door adjustment throughout the life of the building to compensate for settlement.


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 3.625 × 1.625 in


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