20-057 Rim Cylinder with IC Core

20-057 Rim Cylinder with IC Core


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Standard Rim Cylinder

Standard Plug + Verticall Tailpiece

This model is the same as 20-022 but with the tailpiece mounted vertically. Orientation can be changed in the field.


Included – Each rim cylinder includes collar, mounting screws and backplate.

Note that the tailpiece orientation may be changed in the field.


Uses – Rim cylinders come with an extra long tailpiece so it is adaptable to many uses.  The tailpiece is notched so it may be shortened easily in the field.

A common application is to use a rim cylinder with an exit device, where the rim cylinder is on the outside of the door.  The cylinder will typically mount either to outside trim or by itself so the tailpiece threads through the door to connect to the exit device.  When the key is turned the tailpiece will turn, unlocking the exit device.

The back of the rim cylinders containes two threaded holes where the mounting screws go into.  When threaded through the backplate, the screws can be used to tighten down the plate to secure the cylinder in position.




Additional information

Weight .80 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 1.5 × 1.5 in