310-4-30 24D 32D Electric Strike

310-4-30 24D 32D Electric Strike


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For pairs of doors using vertical rod devices.

NOTE: We only stock vertical rod strikes in 24v DC, stainless steel finish (32D).

See Images Tab for examples of rod spacing and how it affects model numbers.


How To Order:


Specify Voltage (12 or 24 volt DC)

Specify Finish (faceplate finish is 32D stainless steel standard with other finishes available from the factory)


Measure the distance between the vertical rod’s latches (center to center).  See ”dimension B” in the Images Tab.

This distance determines the model number you need.

310-4-1  =  4-3/8”
310-4-2  =  5”
310-4-3  =  5-5/8”
310-4-30  =  3”