3101C-ES Controller

3101C-ES Controller


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  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Size: 15 x 12 x 4
  • Voltage: 12 or 24 VDC or AC
  • Weight: 12 lbs
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NOTE: Mag Lock Model 3101C does not require this controller to operate properly.  But when used together this controller adds additional functions to those already built into the 3101C Delayed Egress lock.

The ES Controller can also be used to add the Delayed Egress function to a standard mag lock.  It contains all the Delayed Egress electronics found in the 3101C mag lock plus some additional features.  For example, the standard, everyday mag lock from DynaLock is model 3000.  If you order model 3000 with the HSM High Security Monitor you may then later convert it over to a Delayed Egress lock by adding this controller box to your system.

In fact, you may convert most any mag lock of any brand over to the Delayed Egress function using this controller box.


This controller is not a power supply box.  You must have a separate power supply that converts standard 120v building power down to either 12 or 24 volt DC.  It is designed to be the “brains” behind a Delayed Egress system, but not to supply the initial power.


Two versions of controllers are available.  The 3101C-ES is for indoor use and 3101C-R is designed for outdoor use.

Both models are identical except for the enclosure style:
•3101C-ES is in a standard 15”x12”x4” steel enclosure
•3101C-R is in a 12”x12”x6” weatherproof enclosure with built-in alarm horn


Typical Operation

The door is normally closed and secured by the fail-safe electronic lock. Attempting to exit by actuating the delay egress trigger device (moving the door if using door contact, pushing the exit sensor bar, etc.) for the duration of the nuisance delay time (selectable 1 or 3 seconds) will activate the delay egress sequencer.

The remote audible (built-in on 3101C-R) will then pulsate for 15 seconds* (1 second rate) and the bi-color LED on the center of the circuit board will blink red. After 15 seconds* the lock will release, with the audible changing to a continuous tone, and the bi-color LED turns green. The unit will stay in alarm, and the door unlocked, until the door is shut and the controller is reset by way of the remote reset input (typically connected to a keyswitch) or remote bypass input (only after 15 seconds* has elapsed).

Delay egress monitor output relay is provided to monitor the status (state change upon initiation of 15 second* countdown, after the nuisance delay time). Remote bypass input (terminals 9&10) allows opening the door for adjustable 0-90 seconds without an alarm (using a keyswitch, keypad, card reader, etc.) featuring anti-tailgating which allows immediate door relock as soon as door shuts (requires the connection of a door contact).

*30 second optional (selectable in the field)

Additional information

Weight 12.0 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 4 in


30 Day Return Policy
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