35-101 XQ06-878 6-Pin

35-101 XQ06-878 6-Pin


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Classic Series key with ”Do Not Duplicate” stamped.

The Classic Series is Schlage’s old standard for 6-pin commercial locks.  It is still used today as the standard for residential locks, just in its 5-pin form.

When ordering these keyblanks you will need to know the keyway first.  The most common was the ”C” keyway, but several others were used a great deal as well.  The chart below shows most of the Classic Keyway.

classic keyways


Keyways listed along the bottom are called ”sectional” keyways.  These are the most commonly found and many times the keyway will be stamped right on the key itself.

The keyways listed in the middle and top of the chart show those considered to be ”master” keys since they will open locks using cylinders of the keyways listed below them.


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