80-104 Mortise Cylinder Housing

80-104 Mortise Cylinder Housing


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Mortise Cylinder Housing for Small Format IC Core

Straight Cam

For use with the L9060 apartment function mortise lock).


Length – Housing furnished 1-3/8” length to accept SFIC 6-pin IC Core

Will fit mortise locks with L or N Escutcheons.  If your lock uses a Rose Trim, you will need to add a 1/4” collar.


Housings – Compression ring and spring furnished.  Keys and blocking rings (collars) not furnished.

Accepts Any Brand small format IC Cores (SFIC).


About SFIC Cores – All manufacturers produce SFIC cores.  They are designed to be universal where one brand can swap out for another.  For example, if you purchase the above model of Schlage Housing, any brand SFIC core will work with this housing.

You may decide to put a Yale SFIC core in it for now, but change over to a Best SFIC later.  They both fit this same housing.  If you decide later on to change to yet another brand SFIC core you simply swap it out with the new brand.

This is where SFIC cores differ from LFIC (large format).  Large format cores are unique by brand, and each brand is a slightly different shape.  If you have a Schlage LFIC system in your building you must stick with Schlage in your system, because other brands will simply not fit inside the housing.

That is why many companies elect to use a SFIC system.  They are not married to one brand.  Should the need arise, they can simply switch over to another brand of core and it will work with the existing housings.



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Weight .80 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 1.5 in