KB102 Child Seat

KB102 Child Seat


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Child Seat, Surface Mounted, Cream
Provides safe, clean, convenient location for child inside toilet compartment.

Mounts to wall or panel inside toilet partition.

12″ W, 19″ H (305 x 485mm).

Depth closed 5 1/4″ (145mm) Extension (open) 12 1/4″ (310mm).

Polethylene, cream color.

Patented (22.2 N).

FDA approved blow-molded high-density polyethylene. Stainless steel hinge rod. Textured seat surface with nylon
safety straps that extend over child’s shoulders and between legs for security.

Designed to mount on the wall or partition of a fitting room or toilet compartment. Closed unit folds to less than 6 inches,
and requires less than 2 square feet of wall space. High-density polyethylene is easy to clean and resists fungal and
bacterial growth. Can withstand static loads of 150 pounds (68 kilos).
Warning: To insure that the unit supports the intended loads, seat must be properly installed according to the
manufacturer’s instructions.

To insure proper installation and compliance with building codes, it is recommended that a qualified person or carpenter
perform the installation of the unit. The Child Protection Seat must be properly installed onto wall or partition of a fitting
room or toilet compartment that is capable of supporting significant weight and can accommodate the supplied installation
hardware (or other suitable hardware, not included, if unit is to be installed on another type of wall such as a cinder
block or permanent wall).

Drilling holes and mounting the Child Protection Seat:
1. Remove the unit from the shipping container and check for any freight damage. Identify the best location for
installing the Child Protection Seat. Hold the unit in place, open the seat, and make sure that there is adequate
operating clearance. Use the seat as a template for locating the four mounting holes onto the mounting
surface. Seat bottom should be 2″ from bottom of wall/partition or 14″ from the floor, whichever is higher.
2. The Child Protection Seat has four mounting holes provided in the back wall of the unit, which are positioned
8″ apart horizontally and 17″ apart vertically. Hardware included with unit is intended for installation of seat to a
restroom or fitting room partition. If installing onto another wall type separate hardware will be required (not
3. Drill through partition using 3/8″ drill bit.
4. Insert the four threaded plugs with head holes (supplied) from the outside of the partition.
5. Mount the Child Protection Seat with the four 1/4″ screws and washers (supplied).
6. Place the label/decal on the outside of stall or fitting room door.

Child Protection Seat body shall be durable, high-density polyethylene. Design of unit shall be surface-mounted. Seat
shall be secured to back plate with a full-length stainless steel hinge rod embedded in the plastic. Seat shall have nylon
safety straps. Unit shall support loads of up to 150 lbs (68 kg) when properly installed. Unit shall be backed by
manufacturer’s 5-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship and a 5-year replacement warranty against
vandalism. Unit shall be manufactured in the U.S.A.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12.25 × 5.58 × 18.75 in


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