L27 Offset Floor Closer Body Only and Complete

L27 Offset Floor Closer Body Only and Complete


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Rixson Floor Closers Guide
Parts: We stock floor closer parts such as cover plates, replacement arms, etc.

New Installation: When ordering a floor closer for a new installation pay close attention to several points. First, Rixson floor closers use a spindle height that requires the door to have an unusual undercut. Quite often doors will be ordered with a standard undercut only to discover during installation that the bottom arm is in the wrong position.
Be sure to read the installation instructions before placing an order.
As an alternative, Dorma floor closers have a unique feature that allows you to change the spindle in the field. This eliminates the nasty surprise of having the wrong spindle height. Should you discover the problem during installation then simply order a new spindle and change it in the field. So keep this in mind when selecting a floor closer brand.

Replacement Closers: You may order a replacement body. Do so by ordering the model with the ”LAP” (less all parts) designation. Should you need help determinining your model, click on the link below and look for the PDF file from Rixson called Indentifying Your Model.

L27 Series Floor Closer.
Doors: Interior or Exterior
Door Weight: Up to 1500 lbs.
LAP: Less All Parts (closer body only)

Product Description & Features

• Built-in positive dead stop prevents door from swinging beyond the desired opening degree (specify 85, 90, 95 or 105°)
• Separate and independent valves for closing speed, latch speed and backcheck
• Delayed action available-prefix “DA”
• Available non hold-open (NHO), automatic hold open (AHO) or selective hold open (SHO) at ame degree as dead stop
• Models available to meet ANSI A117.1 pening force requirements. Prefix “PH”
• Cold weather fluid available-specify “CWF” (not available for closers with “DA”)
• Sealed closer available-specify “SC”
• Available with floor plate or threshold installation (floor plate shown)
• Available 1-1/2″ offset
• Cycolac cement case
• Vertical door adjustment
• Standard top pivot: #L180 included
• Intermediate pivot required: ML19 (order separately)
• Doors up to 90″(2286mm) in height should use one intermediate pivot. Each additional 30″(762mm) warrants another intermediate pivot (order separately).

US Builder Supply Notes

L27 – L stands for Lead Lined doors. An X-Ray room in a hospital would be a typical use of a lead-lined doors. Many times these doors are thicker than the standard 1-3/4” due to the lead lining. You must specify door thickness when ordering these closers. All L27 models are ordered from the factory with a 2 week lead time.
A standard commercial door is 1-3/4″ thick. The closer would be ordered as: L27 1-3/4.
Lead lined doors typically add 1/2″ to the standard thickness, making them: L27 2-1/4.
The difference between these two models would be the bottom arm and the top arm. The arms will be thicker for L27 2-1/4.




Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 11.125 × 4.0625 × 6.125 in


30 Day Return Policy
25% Restock Fee