4010 Series “Smoothee” – Cylinder & Cover Parts

Specify finish (F), size (S), & hand (H) where indicated.

No.DescriptionPart number
1Cylinder Assembly (F)(S)(H)4011-3071 or
1Cylinder Assembly w/ Delay (F)(S)(H)4011-3071DEL
1Assembly w/ TEL (F)(S)(H)4011-3071TEL or
2Standard Plastic Cover (F)4010-72
3Metal Cover (F)(H)4010-72MC
4Cover Screw (F)4010-31
5Screw Pack (Not Shown)(F)4010-SRT
6Screw Pack (Not Shown)(F)4010-TBSRT
7Screw Pack (Not Shown)(F)4010-WMS
8Screw Pack (Not Shown)(F)4010-TBWMS
9Screw Pack (Not Shown)(F)4010-TORX
10Screw Pack (Not Shown)(F)4010-TBTRX

Cylinder Types

3071Standard Cylinder
3071DELDelayed Action Cylinder
3071TELTelephone Cylinder

Cylinder Details

3071Standard Cylinder
3071DELDelayed Action is an added adjustment (an extra valve) to delay the door closing from maximum opening down to approximately 75 degrees, when the General Speed adjustment takes over.

The Delayed Action time is adjustable from 0 to approximately 1 minute.

Delayed Action is not a standard feature. It is an option that must be specified when closer is ordered.

Delay action closers are shipped at a 5 to 7 second delay from 90° to 75°.
3071TELThe TEL is a closer with a short spring, leaving the door ajar, indicating to the public that the room is not occupied. When a person enters the room they can close the door, indicating the room is occupied. When the person leaves, the TEL will partially close the door leaving it at the original ajar position, indicating that the room is again unoccupied.

The TEL option is only available on the 4010, 4020, and the 4110 series closers.

Spring Sizes

4011When the last digit is (1) it indicates adjustable spring size 1 – 5
4011(6)Two options available:
– 1 – adjustable spring size 1 – 5
– 6 – fixed spring size 6

Spring Details

Spring Sizes and Appox. Door Widths

SizeInt-erior DoorsExt-
erior Outswing
Ext-erior Inswing


Cast Iron PartsAvailable both as powder coated (referred to as Painted), or as a Plated finish
Cast Aluminum PartsPowder coated finishes only
Metal CoversPlated finishes only
ScrewsPainted only
PlasticPlastic color

Powder Coated

LCN Standard Powder Coated Finishes

  • 622 Matte Black
  • 689 Aluminum
  • 690 Statuary Bronze
  • 691 Light Bronze
  • 693 Gloss Black
  • 695 Dark Bronze
  • 696 Brass


LCN Anodized Finishes

  • 628 Aluminum, Clear Anodized
  • 710 Dark Brown, Anodized


LCN Plated Finishes

  • 616 Satin Bronze, Blackened
  • 632 Bright Brass
  • 633 Satin Brass
  • 639 Satin Bronze
  • 646 Satin Nickel
  • 651 Bright Chrome
  • 652 Satin Chrome