BTS-80-A Floor Closer Package

$ 1,163.48

  • Return period: 30 days
  • Spring Size: Size 4
  • Weight: 37 lbs
  • Handing: Non-Handed
  • Ships From: CA
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30 Day Return Policy

25% Restock Fee


Center Hung
Double Acting
Aluminum Door and Frame


Clearance: 3/4” from floor to bottom of door


The spindle furnished (74010) is designed for a 3/4” undercut and returns the door to zero degrees.  Other spindles are available and may be changed in the field.  It is important to know the undercut before ordering so you can receive the correct spindle.

74003 5/16” zero
74005 1/2” zero
74010 3/4” zero
74015 7/8” zero
74020 1-1/8” zero
74025 1-5/16” zero
74030 1-1/2” zero
80003 5/16” 3 degree offset – handed
80005 1/2” 3 degree offset – handed
80010 3/4” 3 degree offset – handed




Package A and Package G are nearly identical.  Both come with a spindle for a 3/4” undercut.

A = Double Acting, Returns to zero degrees

G = Single Acting, Returns to 3 degree offset

You may request a different spindle be shipped with your closer.  Simply note the spindle number with your order.

Door Swing:

Double Acting – Swings both ways (may be installed so it only swings one way by adding door stop to frame)

Single Acting – Swings one way only

Center Hung vs. Offset Hung:

Center hung closers are rarely ordered as they are designed for special applications.  An example would be an “invsible” door that blends into a wall.  One advantage of center hung closers is the hardware is concealed.  A disadvantage is a special door bevel is required.

Offset hung closers are by far the most popular and cause doors to swing in a similar fashion to butt hinges.  In both cases, the pivot point is offset from the door.  Standard commercial doors are designed to swing in a “offset” style.


Additional information

Weight 37 lbs
Box Dimensions 13.4375 × 3.125 × 2.375 in