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CP440 is the most common center hung pivot set produced by Dorma. This pivot set includes 8062 Top Pivot, 7421 Bottom Arm and 7471K Floor Bearing.

It is used with Wood and Hollow Metal doors and frames.  Both wood and machine screws are furnished.  If you have an Aluminum door, switch to model CPA440.  It is designed for Aluminum doors only.

How To Order Dorma Pivots

The model numbers help you understand the product.

OP = Offset Pivot (commonly ordered)

CP = Center Hung Pivot (rarely ordered)

The numbers after the first two letters indicate maximum door weight the pivot can tolerate.  For example, an OP440 can take doors up to 440 lbs.  A complete pivot chart is available on our Dorma Pivots category page.

Notes About Ordering

Pivot Sets include 1 Top and 1 Bottom pivot (plus installation hardware).

Offset pivot sets are always handed.

Offset pivots can use an intermediate pivot for doors taller than 7′-0”.  Intermediate pivots support no weight, but serve to keep the door in alignment.

Center hung sets are non-handed, and have no intermediate pivots available for them.

Spindle Height

The standard spindle furnished with pivot sets is for a door undercut of 3/4”.  This is the standard for commercial doors.

Should you find your undercut is non-standard, specials spindles are availabe in various heights.  The heights listed for these spindles are equal to the distance from the bottom of the door to the finished floor (undercut).  Example: a 5/8” spindle is designed for a 5/8” undercut.

See floor closers parts for these special spindles.  They work with both pivot sets and floor closers.


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