DC6210 – Heavy Duty Closer

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Fully adjustable, ADA compliant, Tri-Pak Mounting Kit Standard.

The DC6210 is like the big brother of the DC3210. It is designed to be heavier duty for heavy traffic applications. Many people mix both closers within the same building. Use the DC3210 on standard duty doors and DC6210 on heavy duty, high traffic doors.

The ”10” portion of the model number indicates this closer is fully adjustable and fits many door sizes. Standard doors will require the spring to be adjusted in the middle of the tension setting. The instructions that come with the closer will show you how easy it is to adjust. Most doors will not need an adjustment as the unit comes from the factory pre-set to size 3.

The closer comes with a Quick Mount bracket. The bracket mounts first, then the closer mounts to the bracket. This makes for easier installation and makes it a snap to replace an existing unit.
See our Quick Reference Guide to Corbin Russwin closers.

When replacing and existing closer you want to make sure your new model matches the old. The big problem is that the closer body will not indicated your old model number. It may have some casting numbers or other indicators on the body, but they have nothing to do with the model number.

The reason these casting numbers are of no use is that a casting company will make ”blanks” for many different companies. After the unit is cast, it is machined to the specifications of each manufacturer. You are best off to ignore these casting numbers completely.

You will want to pay attention to the bolt hole alignment used to mount the closer. Very few models use the same bolt hole pattern and this is the key to success.

In the case of the DC3210, the mounting pattern is for the Quick Mount bracket. If you need to replace a DC3210, you don’t even need to remove the old bracket. Just remove the old closer body and replace it with the new.

Note that the DC6210 uses the same mounting bracket. Use a DC6210 is high traffic applications and the DC3210 in low to medium traffic areas. It is fine to mix the two models within the same building.

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