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See Spindles chart below and pay close attention to dimension X.

Dimension X is the undercut of the door.  (undercut is the distance from the bottom of the door to the finished floor).

A standard commercial door uses a 3/4” undercut, making part number 74010 the most popular spindle used.  All spindles that begin with ”74” close the door to zero degrees.

Spindles that begin with ”80” close the door at 3 degree offset.  There are two cases where an offset pivot would be used.  First, if the door needs to be held ajar (shopping mall).  More often, the offset spindle is used for the reverse action, called ”pre-load”.  A pre-load application causes the closer to try and close the door past zero degrees, or -3 degrees.  The purpose for this type of installation is so the closer can keep pressure on the closed door, which keeps it from blowing open when air pressure changes.

The models listed above are in stock.  Other models are available as a factory order (see Spindles chart below for all models).



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