LCN 1461 Medium-Duty Surface Mount Closer

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  • 2 x 12 x 4
  • 13.28 lbs

We build to configure the exact specs for 1461 from components on-hand.

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The 1460 Series is a universal medium-duty closer designed for maximum versatility in commercial and institutional applications

It comes standard with a parallel arm bracket (shown) for mounting parallel stye (see images).  Without the bracket, the close mounts both regular arm and top jamb mounting style.

A standard cover is also furnished with an optional Designer Cover available from stock.

The narrow body design allows the closer to mount on most all doors in a building.  The footprint of the 1461 is only 2” high and can mount to most doors and frames without an extra drop-down plate.

You may also add the DA Delayed Action option to this model.  DA models contain an extra valve inside the closer that ”holds open” the door temporarily.  The idea is to help handicapped or other slower moving people to get through the opening before the closing cycle begins.  This valve is adjustable so you may set the delay time of the closer.



We stock the Aluminum and Dark Bronze finishes in large quantities, but keep a handful of other finishes in stock as well.  Since the other finishes are small quantities we don’t list them on our web site, you must call to order.


Other Options:

Optional arms are available that can be added to the closer body.  These can be ordered initially with the closer, or added on later should you need to change the ”function” of the closer.


1461 LONG Longer arm for deep reveal door frames
1461 H Hold Open arm
1461 HLONG Longer arm with Hold Open
1461 EDA Extra Duty Parallel Arm
1461 CUSH CUSH arm for abusive applications
1461 HCUSH CUSH arm with Hold Open
1461 SCUSH Spring CUSH arm for abusive applications
1461 SHCUSH Spring CUSH arm with Hold Open

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Box Dimensions 12.5 × 3.0 × 2.0 in