PR7701-5 Parallel Rigid Arm

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PR7701-5 Parallel Rigid Arm from Norton


Available from stock in 1 finish (689)

Fits all Norton surface mounted closer models, except for 78 series.



About Norton Closer Arms
Most manufacturers make arms specific to certain models only. Norton has done us all a huge favor by making their arms ”universal”.One Norton Arm can be swapped from one model to the next (except the 78 series pot belly closer). This rule applies to all series of Norton surface-mounted closers.The bad news is the arm model numbers are hard to remember. Norton didn’t help us any by assigning goofy models to their arms. Of course, you can try to memorize the arm models, but there is an easier method to keep track of them.



Norton Arms
Series Arm Type Description
7700 Standard Standard Arms.  By far the most commonly ordered.

7701-1 Standard Arm
7701-3 Standard Arm with Hold Open
PR7701-5 Stronger ”Rigid” Arm for Parallel Mounting

6700 Closer Plus ‘Rigid” Arm for Parallel Mounting with built-in Stop
6800 Closer Plus Same as 6700 but with Hold Open feature


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