78 Series Door Closer

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How To Order Pot Belly Closers:

These old style closers are a little more difficult to order as they are less universal than newer models.


Spring Size:


B/D is equal to spring sizes 2-4

E/F is equal to spring sizes 5-6

(A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, F=6)  A standard commercial door mode from solid core wood uses a size 3 spring.  A standard hollow metal door would take size 4.  This translates to most doors will use a B/D pot belly closer.

It the door is oversized or an exterior door, it’s better to go with a heavier spring and order E/F.




A handing chart is provided on the Images Tab.

Mounting Style:

Arms are availble for Regular Arm (RA) mount or Parallel Arm (PA) mount.

A Regular Arm mounted closer mounts on the pull side of the door, where the barrel of the hinges are exposed.

A Parallel Arm mounted closer mounts to the push side of the door, where the hinges are concealed.


The 78 series is available in 4 finishes.



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