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The 8000 series closers are the standard for commercial buildings.  Within the 8000 series, only two models are ordered:

  • 8301 – narrow cover style
  • 8501 – full cover

The 8000 series are universal closes as they suit most commercial applications.  Features include:

  • Non-handed
  • Adjustable spring sizes 2-6
  • Tri-Pak mounting kit
  • Meets ADA requirements


See the images tab for details on mounting, finish and bolt hold alignment.


Tri-Pak Mounting Kit

This basically means the closer is furnished with a parallel arm bracket.  When this bracket is used, the closer may be mounted parallel arm style.  When not using the bracket, the closer can mount regular arm or top jamb mounting style.


Narrow Footprint

The narrow body style allows the unit to mount to only 2″ of flat surface.  This allows the closer to be used on both standard and aluminum storefront doors and frames.


Closer Replacement

When replacing an existing closer, first check the bolt hole alignment.  This is the best method of ensuring you receive an exact replacement.  Regardless of closer brand, use the bolt holes to determine the proper model number for replacing a closer.


ADA Compatibility

The standard for meeting ADA requirements is 5 lbs. or less of opening force for interior doors, and 8.5 lbs. or less for exterior doors.  Because conditions vary so much from one opening to another, you need a fully adjustable spring.  This is provided with closer models 8301 and 8501.


Hold Open

When you need the closer to have the hold open feature, a different arm is furnished.  The hold open is all in the arm and has nothing to do with the closer body.  Examples of models that include the “H” hold open feature: 8301H, 8501-H


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