TS93 High Efficiency Closer

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How To Order:
T 15 Style – Pull Side mounting (stocked as TS93-15, adjustable sizes 1-5)
T 56 Style – Pull Side mounting (stocked as TS93-56, adjustable sizes 5-6)
PT 15 Style – Push Side mounting (stocked as TS93-15, adjustable sizes 1-5)
PT 56 Style – Push Side mounting (stocked as TS93-56, adjustable sizes 5-6)
(see Image below for push side vs. pull side)

The TS93 Series hydraulic surface applied closer with steel cam, roller, and adjustable spring, incorporating a track arm assembly. The TS93 will have two separate temperature compensating, noncritical adjustment valves to control sweep and latch closing speeds. Adjustable backcheck will take effect at approximately 65°. Adjustable hydraulic delayed action will be effective from approximately 120° to approximately 70°. The TS93-15 will be available with field-adjustable spring power from size 1 to 5 for barrier-free requirements. The TS93-56 will be adjustable from size 5 to 6 with 50% adjustment. Maximum opening range will be approximately 175° for pull side installations and 110° for push side installations. Install the TS93 closer body on the door and the track arm assembly on the stop surface with the supplied bracket for push side applications. The TS93 will be non-handed.
Technical Details:
• Available as TS93-15 closers for interior and exterior barrier-free requirements (adjustable size 1–5).
• Available as TS93-56 closers for greater closing force for exceptionally wide, tall, or heavy doors (size 5–6 +50% adjustment).
• Adjustable backcheck prevents uncontrolled opening of the door.
• Adjustable delayed action extends the closing cycle to allow unobstructed passage through opening.
• Optional hold open inserts into track. Adjustable for degree of hold open and hold open force. Hold open is selectable on or off.
Doors equipped with the TS93 will open much easier than doors with rack and pinion closers with track arms. The TS93 is a closer with regular arm operating efficiency and track arm aesthetics. When necessary, push side installation provides the benefits of track arm assemblies with the closer mounted to the door and the track mounted to the stop, creating a more tamper-resistant application.


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